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Welcome to "Just" Dental & Vision Care

Open Season has ended but you can still sign up with us!

Fully Insured PPO Plan and DHMO plans

Vision Care Plans

Choose from over 35,000 participating eye doctors nationwide

Why Choose Us?

Open Enrollment Year-round
Flexible Payment Options

You have the option to pay bi-weekly through your payroll, or you can pay monthly through credit card, bank draft, or direct billing quarterly, semi, or annually. Soon you will be able to pay via our website through Paypal.

Plans Available to Suit All Budgets

We have DHMO plans starting from just $100 per year. Alternatively, we have high-option PPO plans to gain the maximum benefit for all of the family.

Dependants Covered 'til 26 yrs old

All our plans cover Dependants until 26 years old (even if they live away from home).

Add Other Family Members

Our plan's are flexible and you can add overage children, parents or other family members for additional premiums.

Brochures specific to your needs

Our flexible plans are detailed in the brochures below. Click the links to view or download:

AMA California Plan Brochure
AMA PPO Plan Brochure
AMA Texas Plan Brochure
AMA Vision Plan Brochure
AMA USA Brochure


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PPO Plans

Available nationwide, choose from High or Standard options. No waiting periods on Type 1, 2, or 3 procedures. Free choice of dentists. Plan pays 100% for Type 1 procedures for our American Federal Employees Group.

Vision Care Plan

Available Nationwide, low cost with great benefits. $10 eye exam co-pay. Allowance for Contact lens.

Nationwide DHMO Plans

Low cost, no waiting periods, no maximums and no Deductables. Low co-payments on several procedures.